For us, a partnership-based collaboration with our suppliers is a crucial basis for the market and corporate success of the Kluthe Group.

Besides our own competence, our aim is to draw on the large know-how, innovation and experience, as well as on the reliability of our suppliers and partners. We jointly develop strategies to optimize our cooperation and to continuously improve and enhance our products and services as well as the necessary end-to-end processes. Together with our suppliers and partners, we work on the entire value-added chain of our products to always align the supply chain and quality of the products and raw materials towards the right market situation.    
Achieving a successful merger with our suppliers and partners to jointly create values and to jointly benefit from it, is the core of all strategic supply partnerships. In this context, we place great emphasis on flexible suppliers and partners who set global standards in terms of quality, costs and innovation.
We are continuously looking for reliable supplier partnerships. Please inform yourself about our raw materials, product and service needs and do not hesitate to contact us. This could be the first step to a long-term partnership-based collaboration.


To maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of each of our partners, we are striving for long-term and reliable business relationships with efficient, innovative and competitive suppliers and business partners who follow our strategy and philosophy, where possible, and also occasionally make the impossible possible. The cooperation with our suppliers and partners is always based on partnership and characterized by fairness and openness. We are an internationally oriented company with a global corporate strategy, which is successfully implemented by us in purchasing.



Strategic Purchasing:


Strategic Purchasing forms a supplier and material group strategy tailored to the company's objectives and needs.



Operative Purchasing 



 Supply Chain Management



Kluthe Purchasing is always focused on the following needs:


1. Raw materials


- binders/resins
- pigments
- fillers
- solvents
- PU powder
- reclaims/distillates
- oils/fats
- test and industrial spirits
- salts/acids/alkalis
- complexing agents
- polyelectrolytes
- surfactants/emulsifiers
- preservatives/bactericides
- thickeners
- inhibitors/stabilizers


2. Packaging and containers


- steel barrels
- plastic containers
- buckets
- pots
- canisters
- sheet steel packaging
- buckets
- pots
- canisters
- tinplate packaging
- other packaging


3. Indirect materials


- IT hardware and software
- marketing and sales articles
- facility management services and tools
- office supplies and business necessities
- mobility and travel services
- energy, gas and water
- service features and advisory services
- transport and logistics services



You want to contact us to become one of our suppliers?


Are you interested in becoming a supplier of the Kluthe Group?

To increase your and our chance to quickly establish a successful collaboration, please indicate the following information.

To do so, please use the following link: Supplier Self-Assessment


“We are looking forward to a successful collaboration!”


Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH regularly evaluates its suppliers on the basis of facts. As a KLUTHE key supplier of raw and production materials, you will receive an annual evaluation of your supplier performance as of now. This serves to express our satisfaction with suppliers who perform well and will otherwise identify areas for improvement.

The evaluation of delivery reliability serves to demonstrate weaknesses, which will have a lasting effect on our own logistics processes. Any supply-related deviations in terms of time and quality will severely impair parts of the production process. This will result in high costs and disadvantages in the supply of our customers.
The communication of the status achieved to our suppliers will promote our cooperation in the effort to constantly and sustainably improve what we have achieved.




Here you can get more details on our Delivery Guidelines 


For further queries you can contact our purchasing department at the following e-mail address: