Chemistry is omnipresent. The question is: how much of it is necessary and reasonable? Dosis facit venenum does not only apply to medicine, but is also important to us in industrial production processes.

It depends on what you make of it: selection of raw materials, sustainability, labelling, safety, future viability and recyclability are only some of the factors to which we pay special attention when designing our products. A long service life, multiple applications and cross-progress consideration of the entire production chain are of great importance in terms of counselling and product selection. Where necessary, the chemicals are, of course, tailored to our customers' manufacturing process to ensure that they can be fully effective in the best manner possible.

Waste is unknown in chemistry. Our products are designed for a long service life, are recyclable in many cases and can be disposed of without great effort. “We take care of it” means that we want to take responsibility – and we keep what we promise.

Innovations create additional value and seek to reduce costs and preserve resources. The road map of future requirements for chemical products is derived from those trends that we consider to be logical, e.g. foreseeable legislation of the labelling and safety regulations should already be securely manageable with today's generation of products.

No surprises is the motto here. Cross-process coordination of the products is advisable, for example, in case of cooling lubricants, intermediate cleaning and preservation, as well as between cleaning, pre-treatment and coating. Coating and metal forming processes often go along with environmental impacts and health risks of which we take care, be it by means of prevention or recycling concepts.

For us, “supply chain” means that customers all over the world can be supplied. We are partners of our buyers in all important industrialized countries. In Central Europe, we supply and dispose using an integrated logistics company and our own recycling plants.

Fluid, chemical, waste and total paintshop management create an optimal environment for the use of our products.  In this regard, we take responsibility for the proper functioning of chemistry.

The highest quality products have the greatest potential to save costs. Bath and tool service lives, cleaning, disposal and energy are external factors over which our products have significant influence.

That is what we mean when we act in line with our “Harmony in Chemistry” philosophy.

Our code of conduct as download.